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Collection Agency Overview

Dromman Debt Services, Inc. is a professional commercial collection agency specializing in the collection of delinquent accounts nationwide, and internationally. We also offer a unique accounts receivable management service, which will help offset the costs of servicing high volumes of clients. Our accounts receivable management service will save your company thousands of dollars in salary expenses. We offer great rates and fantastic results!


No Retail...

We are strictly a commercial collection agency and do not accept retail accounts. Most collection agency's handle both commercial and retail accounts and usually employ part-time collectors that have little or no collection experience. They also have a high employment turnover as a result. Our collection agency is comprised of collectors which are full-time employees. Our collection agents are fully trained and have been with us for years. If you are looking for a commercial debt collection agency in the United States, Dromman Debt Services, Inc. is the way to go.

Commercial Collection Agency Advantage...

Commercial accounts are ultimately more complex. They are usually larger than retail accounts and involve more technical aspects as a result. A US collection agency has to be trained in mediation techniques, settlement negotiation and lawsuit proceedings. Commercial collections are all we do and that is why we are so good at it.

As a full-service collection agency, Dromman Debt Services offers a wide range of services to meet your needs. Our website is a one-stop shop, allowing you to check your claims online, use our free Final Notice forms, or order credit reports for your clients. In addition, we offer professional skip-tracing and investigative services. Need to downsize your operation? If you need to reduce the size of your in-house staff, Dromman Debt Services will handle the overflow. Outsourcing debt collection services with our company will ensure that your investment is recovered in the most professional, law-abiding manner possible. We understand and respect your desire to maintain positive relationships with your clientele and will adhere to your company standards. Please browse the rest of our website for more information about our services, rates, debt collection process, and more.

We are an international collection agency and service the entire U.S. as well as foreign countries. In addition, we represent clients from any country outside the U.S.

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Offering the latest in computer technology along with a professional, knowledgeable staff. Also...Online access to your accounts anytime 24/7 via the internet.

  • No Collection, No Fee!
  • Online Access to claims anytime
  • Free FINAL NOTICE forms
  • 10-day free demand service
  • Pre-collection services
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Attorney forwarding
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Professional Skip-tracing
  • Fully Licensed and Bonded