Credit Debt Collection Agency

If you’re searching for an affordable debt collection agency to handle your delinquent accounts, then you have come to the right place. Dromman Debt Services is a full-service collection agency equipped to manage all types of delinquent and defaulted accounts. Using legal methods, we will track down the debtor and attempt to make contact via phone, email, mail, or fax. Instead of using abusive tactics, we provide professional customer service at all times to ensure that your reputation is never tainted. Our bad debt management process includes skip tracing and the use of attorneys, when necessary. As members of the Commercial Law League of America, our attorneys are fully licensed and bonded. We will work for you to get the money that you deserve. For more information about our commercial debt collection agency, please browse the rest of our website or contact us today.

As a professional collection agency in the United States, we are proud to post our rates for your review. Most other agencies will not even post their rates on their websites. Our rates average 5% to 10% lower than other agencies.

Our standard rates:

Accounts $200.00 and under are handled at 40%
$200.01 to $3,000.00: 25%
$3,000.01 to $10,000.00: 22%
Accounts over $10,000.00: Rate is negotiable.

  • Accounts forwarded to an attorney for legal action are handled at 40%. Rates are negotiable for larger claims.
  • Return of Merchandise: A fee of 1/2 the normal collection agency rate will be charged for return of merchandise. EXAMPLE: If the normal rate would be at 25%, the fee for return of merchandise would be at 12.5% respectively.
  • Remitted funds are subject to return and reimbursement to Dromman Debt Services if the funds, at any time in the future, are deemed to be invalid, or not allowed by law, including insufficient funds checks, stop payment checks or bankruptcy filings.
  • Special collection rates are available for large placements. Don't be afraid to ask!